Things I would like to learn

  1. Keel boat sailing.
  2. Advanced first aid.
  3. Welding.
  4. Small engine repair/rebuilding.
  5. Bicycle repair/maintenance.
  6. How to repair watches or clocks.
  7. Precision machining.
  8. How to shoot a gun/rifle.
  9. How to build a house.
  10. Flying light airplanes.

Things I could teach:

  1. How to retire early.
  2. Advanced physics and/or astronomy.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Soldering and basic electronics.
  5. Danish.
  6. TeX/LaTeX for production editing.
  7. How to get in ass-kicking shape.
  8. How to make a good stir fry.
  9. Basic investing.
  10. Fortran/f90/f95/…

Now all we need is a swap[tree] system for this concept which is semi-localized. However, in case you’re in the East Bay area and see a possible “trade”, I’ll trade one hour of learning for one hour of teaching on a 1-1 basis, if you’re interested.

  • Skillsbarter — A website where you can barter skills, services, and knowledge