Fixed the water pump plumbing, I took the pump apart last week to fix the leak around the diaphragm. Yet it was still leaking, but it turned out to be a loose fitting to the pump which just had to be tightened to finally stop the leak in the plumbing compartment. Fixed clog in the shower drain with a ZipIt snake, what a marvelous invention. Turned out the clog was a solid cap of mineral deposit from the standing water in the trap. I foresee many problems due to appliances not having been used for a long time. Leveled the RV with blocks. Hydraulic levelers did not work.
Trying to start the engine was at first impossible because one of the levelers were still on. Duh! The freezer has magically started working even though the button in the fridge compartment is in the off position. One theory is that the sun bakes the backside of the fridge causing the absorption system to work. It is hard to tell when refrigerator operation is almost completely silent. The RV is now somewhat more livable. There is still a lot of trash outside (and inside) that needs to be sorted out. Treating a move into an RV as if it was into a house is a bad idea! Still fixing the plumbing makes me feel like a minor success.