This week it finally stopped raining for long enough to play the second hockey game of the year. This was a pickup game which unlike a league game is not optimal for a center-forward since pickup games are more disorganized with less of a team factor. Anyway, what has this to do with lowering the thermostat? Unlike aerobic exercise, strength and power based exercise (strength training, hockey, football, girevik, .. ) raises the metabolism for many many hours after the exercise. Since the human body is not 100% efficient this translates into heat. It’s like activating an internal furnace.

Another discovery was the instead of putting long johns under the jeans, it is much better to put a pair of loose jogging pants on top of the jeans. This traps much more air and I keep checking whether the temperature has gone op to 63 even though it’s only 56 in here right now.

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I am trying to develop a better blogroll, so if you know of any blogs that relate well to mine please let me know. It should cover one of the areas I cover (environmentalism, capitalism, being debt free and living on passive income, minimalism, and alternative (not rat race) lifestyles) and/or generally agree with my sentiments. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to organize it, but I would like it to be useful to people. Looking forward to your suggestions. You can either leave a comment or send it to my email which you can find in the “About Me” section at the top of this page.