It’s been two weeks since I built my worm farm. Initially I kept them in our shed, but as spring approaches I have since moved them outside. The evaporation is faster outside, so now I have to “water” the cardboard that covers the bedding every day. I’m feeding them much less than I anticipated. Naturally in the beginning I was worried that they would not have enough food; primarily because I did not know exactly how many worms I had having gotten some with castings and decaying vegetables and everything from another freecycler.

Having noticed that the food I was putting down didn’t disappear, I simply stopped feeding them every other day. Having not seen any worms for days I was beginning to worry a bit whether they had escaped or simply died until I started to poke around in the bedding and found them. I saw some little worms in there as well, so I suppose they are breeding. New castings are also being generated at a faster rate than initially, so I suppose they’re settled in.

They still can’t keep up with our discarded apple cores and banana peels, so I only feed them our “best waste”. Instead of burrying it completely, I usually just make a “half-hole”, put the food in there, and then cover it with fresh bedding made of shredded, soaked, and wringed newspaper to keep the fruit flies away.

It’s really very easy. However, if you don’t want to get involved in worm farming, what you can do is to put your kitchen waste (plant products only!) in a blender with some water and make a sludge and then pour that in the garden.