To prepare for downsizing we had a garage sale today. We got rid of a bunch of stuff. The median price was about $1 and the average price was not much higher, and overall we sold for about $60, so all in all we did manage to shed a bunch of stuff. It still looks “crowded” in our cupboards, as most of the suff came out of boxes that were hidden away in the closets and the outdoor shed. This saddens me and I do think we’re still quite far from fitting everything into an RV (if that is the ultimate choice).

Some garage sale tips:

  • It was clear that most people came between 9 and 12. After that it was pretty much dead, so next time we’ll probably hold it from 8a to 1p instead.
  • We did not buy signs or advertise in the newspaper. Instead we cut up a cardboard box nad made signsout of that which we duct taped to sign posts around the neighborhood.
  • We did not rent tables. Instead we put boards (which we had) across the totes and boxes that the stuff was stored in – that worked well.

Since we “only” made $60, I would have been disappointed if we had paid money to sell the stuff.

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