Guess what I’ve been doing lately? Okay rhetorical questions aside, there are now two book reviews up

There are also 3 more reviews on amazon.

In general people are writing the longest reviews I have seen for a personal finance book ever, actually for any book ever.

We have been talking about what to do next with the ERE project. In particular, if anything is missing from the first book in terms of content, style, and target group. One thing that has come up, especially in the reviews above was that the book is not rated for a general audience in the sense that it’s not an easy read. That is not to say that it’s unclear but rather it assumes a lot from the reader whereas most books rated for the mainstream assumes very little.

So the most popular suggestion is to do a popularization(*) of the book. I have started this project, but it is currently not so inspiring to write, especially since I’m finding it difficult to present the fundamentals better than Your Money or Your Life. Other suggestions have been a cookbook, an exercise book, and in particular an investment book. I think I could write a good investment book. I’m not sure I could write a good cook book.

The suggestion of an audio version also came up and was quickly discarded. However, it would be interesting to create a series of lectures. This could also be done at a more popular level and it would be interesting to make.

(*) One of my biggest problem writing popularizations is just how information sparse they are. If I wrote them I would be condensing their 250 pages into 10 page pamphlets and then struggle creating 240 pages of filler.

The lecture series could either be done on youtube or I could create them on CDs. My particular lecture style has historically revolved around talking about pedagogical diagrams (I love making diagrams), so this may be difficult to do in voice only. On the other hand, youtube is to pdf-file what CD is to book. Most likely the content will determine the format rather than the other way around, and since I don’t have any content yet, this is still up in the air.

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