Over the past ten years ever since the ERE book was published back in I’ve received requests for translations and an audiobook while redirecting people back to the original book. No more!

There’s now an audio version of the book available for those who prefer to “read with their ears”. It’s been re-edited and narrated by a professional publisher to make it more listener friendly (I’m a visual thinker and write and speak accordingly) than the original.

It’s available at bookfunnel via the free bookfunnel app on iOS and Android for a limited time offer of $9.99 before we move to wider distribution (more middlemen = more expensive). I recommend installing the app first!

Bloggers: Insofar you should wish to get a free review copy, send me an email with the name of your blog requesting a review copy. Also let me know if you’ve read the original ERE book in the email.