Sometimes I wonder: What if search engine algorithms were smarter? What if they ranked search results based on some inherent quality rather than the quantity of ingoing links which is all too easy to manipulate. What if “markets” really were efficient and everybody knew exactly what would most optimally satisfy their needs and wants. How would that look?

Well, here’s my effort to somewhat compensate for the fact that really good blogs can be drowned out due to inefficiencies whether they be artificial or intentional. In other words, which are some of the unknown blogs that might as well be some of the most well-known blogs if searches were truly efficient.

For the list below, I have picked blogs which have not received recent exposure on ERE and which are relevant to big ideas, frugality, sustainability, simplicity, and deliberate lifestyles. Also, they are small enough to only receive a few comments on each post even though they deserve many more.

They are essentially the “microcap” of the blogging world

This blog probably comes closest to my blog in terms of ideas, content and goals (I mean that as a compliment :O) ). If you enjoy ERE, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Eking out a life from a living
Discussions of a deliberate reduction of spending from a recent graduate along with balance sheets so you can see that it is working.

miss minimalist
Minimalism blogs typically annoy me but this one I like as it is quite detailed, factual, and treats minimalism like an adventure rather than a new-agey religious experience.

Which “microcap” blogs do you read?

Originally posted 2010-01-05 17:06:59.