I’m just putting this up here because I have not seen this trick elsewhere. The problem here is mainly in getting the cable tension correct so the shifter can pull the derailer over all the cogs in the rear cassette. Too loose and you won’t be able to reach the low gears. Too high, vice versa.

  1. First loosen the nut holding the gear cable. The derailer should swing towards your highest gear (small cog).
  2. Adjust the (H)screw so that the derailer is limited from throwing the chain into the hub.. If it doesn’t have a name, just look at the mechanics to see which one it is.
  3. Turn the cable tension adjuster (the one sitting right at the ferrule where the cable ends) so it is in the middle.
  4. Now put your index shifter in the second highest gear and put the chain on the second smallest cog. (That’s the trick) Use a 4th hand to pull the cable and the derailer so it tracks. Tighten the gear cable nut.
  5. Shift into your lowest gear and adjust the (L)ow screw to prevent the derailer from throwing your chain into the spokes.


Originally posted 2009-08-15 00:34:52.