On this blog I make the claim that anyone can become financially independent in 5 years if they so choose. I am not the only one of course (and nothing I say is very revolutionary). Other methods include making $4000 a month by blogging about how awesome/amazing/remarkable one is, fixing up and flipping real estate, posting links on google, investment methods that doubles principal every year, and landing jobs on Wall Street.

It is clear to me that some methods can not be replicated by a large number of people. For instance, blogging your way to tens of thousands of readers is only for the select few. After all, how many awesome blogs would Joe Blogreader want to follow daily?

A better method would be find something scale-free, where one instance earns a little money, like eHow, and do the following calculation. One article earns $0.30/month on average (a conservative number), or say $4/year. Therefore to make $40,000 a year, a genius plan would simply be to write 10,000 articles. Of course that requires both writing skills and enormous amounts of time. To an extent, I would say that some might not be sufficiently good writers to produce coherent instructionals in the first place.

I am wondering whether the methods I propose on my blog are robust and exactly how robust they are. I make the claim that anyone (at least a majority) can get a job that makes $25,000/year. Is this true? I also make the claim that anyone can learn skills like cooking, shopping in thrift stores, walking, or finding a cheap place to live. And I claim that anyone can open a mutual fund account and do simple tax calculations.

I think skill wise I am not asking a lot, but then again, what do I know?

However, I am asking for a certain, perhaps even a high, degree of tenacity, persistence, or independence, and maybe even above average learning skills. Perhaps I am asking for extreme levels? Is what I propose only doable by a relatively small minority of people, say intelligent INTJ‘s, that is, I am selling dreams that can not be realized (be happy that I’m not asking for payment in advance 😀 ) or is it possible to do by a majority which simply chooses not to?

Originally posted 2009-10-07 00:26:01.