I’m currently cooking dinner using ALL of the leftovers in the fridge (+ a few additional ingredients).

  • I pressure cooked some chick peas.
  • I also pressure cooked some rice and added it to some rice leftovers from the tortilla night the other day.
  • I chopped up an onion + half an onion from the other other day.
  • I’m currently frying the onion.
  • I will add some chopped cabbage which I will fry as well.
  • I will then cut up the rest of a piece of chicken from yesterday.
  • Add some Indian hot curry paste and the chicken.
  • Then add some scrambled egg from the other day.
  • Add the rice and some soy.
  • Serve with leftover salsa from tortilla day.

This should be pretty good and it will practically clear out the fridge of leftovers. The trick is just to know what goes well together and then do a stir fry, or if you’re really good. Fry it up in a regular pan. Other ways of using random leftovers include baking it all together in an omelet.

Originally posted 2009-02-25 19:03:36.