Doesn’t this somewhat describe the evolution of modern business strategy?

Having good men working results in a good business. More good men working create more good business and additional good men create a bigger business which is good. Swift men who delvier in time are even bettr, and outsource the men is more better for the more business.

I don’t know who wrote this. It came to me in a dream, literally, so I had to wake up and write it down. Anyways I have spent the past couple of months focusing almost exclusively on the book, hence the dearth of [longer] blog posts and I now have three sections to go. I wonder what the anti climax will be. This is almost like finishing a [half a] thesis in terms of the extent of the work that went into it. Regardless, I hope to get back to posting more interesting thoughts within a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a youtube of Ronald Jenkees, an amazing(*) genius level improv player. Regardless of whether you like keyboard music, that’s some real talent there. I have been listening to his stuff for the past few days since discovering him thanks to pandora, which is a great way to discover new music. Seeing this much talent compressed into one man, I don’t think I can ever go back to listening to “autotuned pop hit radio” now. If you have this much talent your stuff should be played around the clock on the radio as far as I’m concerned #hitlistfail.

(*) See his videos, the word is absolutely warranted!

In other news: I got my 15 minutes of fame today over at the early-retirement forums. I wish I could find the post on my blog where I talk about lentil soup so I can add a disclaimer: It’s been years since I ate that stuff regularly and I lost my knack for making it (It’s not easy to make it taste good!). Also, not spending money is not a sacrifice when you get the same satisfaction from doing things a different way as if you had spent it doing things the normal way #justsaying.