I mainly read to get original insights for early retirement so as a result I don’t read a whole lot of pf-blogs(*). Still I do read a few blogs. These are listed in my blog roll (lower right sidebar) and introducing them has been long overdue.

(*) Oh snap! I guess that did not come out quite right 😀

So without further ado, here they are

  • 350 – A global warming site focusing on CO2 emissions. It is 90% likely that human CO2 emissions is the main driver of global warming. GW will have an increasingly greater impact on our so far sheltered way of life as time moves on, hence this is important.
  • Barel Karsan – is a value investing blog that shows you how it is done. They mostly look at small caps which is where the action is at if you’re an individual investor and not a pension fund.
  • Causabon’s book – This is one of those, “I wish I had written this”-sites focusing on adapting in place and teaching skills most of us have forgotten.
  • Daily Speculations – The thing I love about this site is the abundance of lateral thinking and introductions of subjects I did not even know about. It focuses on applying different models to trading. I read it for the models.
  • Canadian Dream: Free at 45 – Tim writes about a more moderate and reasonable/sensible path to early retirement with a normal and green lifestyle.
  • Frugal Bachelor – Travels the world and gets laid a lot. Personal finance without family values. Also very funny!
  • My Frugal Freedom – Getting paid from rental income while living in an RV in the back yard. Yet another way to retire early.
  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door – A millionaire and also a mommy, but not next door (I checked). Focusing on acquiring the right mindset and attitude for achieving your dreams.
  • Retire at 40 – New blogger on the blog. Early retirement retirement planning at its early stages. Good to follow if you are just starting on your way to early retirement.
  • Retired Syd – Good to follow if you just retired (early) in particular when it comes to answering “so what do I do now that I finally retired?”
  • The Simple Dollar – Mainstream personal finance, but so very well written, and a lot of it too.

Blog roll policy: I think networks are on the whole much more effective when everybody doesn’t link to everybody else as this corresponds to no structure at all. Therefore I do not engage in link love/exchanges and I try to keep my blog roll short and manageable.