I flushed the black water tank. Flushing tanks is like doing laundry for your waste products. Effluent magically disappears down a hole and you got a new set of empty tanks. I’m the only person I know that gets excited doing laundry (maybe I should get out more? 😛 ). I feel quite good about this whole deal. We now have a sustainable operation that could be continued without “hardship” or at least until the furnace becomes important. I wonder whether this climate is a candidate for a heatpump. OTOH I should give the furnace a chance. There’s real cooking going on now in the “house”. It’s not your 15,000 BTU chef’s edition platinum range, but it works. I tried hooking up the DSL, but it didn’t work. We probably need to get in touch with the phone company to look at the outside jack which was infested with spider nests. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good about this deal. My commute is down to 20 minutes on the folding bike. I haven’t tried the road bike yet, but I’m guessing 15 minutes or faster. This means that I could get home during lunch if so desired. Tomorrow we’re going to Goodwill to dump the remnants of the “stick house”; I don’t have the patience to deal with freecycle, when the stuff is sitting on the porch.

I think this concludes the “moving in”-series.