I just learned a new baking method from 30 Bucks a Week. Previously I have done my unleavened breads by basically making flat fist sized balls out of the following

  • flour
  • water
  • spices

Forming them into a dough and baking them in the oven. For the flour, I use whatever is at hand, and I also try to experiment with different spices like ginger and cumin. You can add oatmeal for a more spongy feel (recommended) and butter for the consistency of regular rolls. If you add yeast or baking soda+something sour, you pretty much have regular bread. Not adding the yeast means that the bread is much more compact, one bread becomes an entire meal (Elvish waybread 🙂 ).

However, there was still the hassle of cleaning one’s hands or industrial implements for those who are into that after baking. An even easier method, as described on the link above, is to use 1 part flour to 1 part water (you want the consistency of thick pancake batter, the exact ratio depends on the type of flour) and mix it in a bowl with a fork. Since the consistency is batter rather than dough, the bowl rinses easily. Just pour the batter onto a cast iron pan with a little(!) oil and fry it a bit. For our type of pan and flour, one cup of flour and slightly less than one cup of water works perfectly. Once you get the usual “pan cake holes”, put the pan in the oven. Everything washes off very easily.