It is possible to pump up truck tires (here RV tires) with a bicycle pump . They both use schraeder/auto valves. In fact pumping the truck tires requires less strength than bicycle tires since the max PSI is generally lower (about the same as mountain bike tires). Of course it requires more air and so more strokes. My pump requires about 10 pumps for each PSI.

Now that’s an excellent opportunity for a free workout.

I use a floor pump and stand right over the pump locking my arms. Then I just so half squats similar to Hindu squats but not quite as hard).  I lost count but my six tires required a couple of hundred squats.

Now, you could buy a 12V pump for 15 bucks or a 110V pump for 40 bucks, but then you would just end up with a superfluous pump that is weaker than you are and why deprive yourself of a free workout?

So grab that floor pump and head out to the car (if you still have one) and top off those tires. You’ll save on gas as well as gym memberships.

Thanks to Bruno for the confidence.

Update: Seeing as I recently blew out the hose of the pump while inflating a car tire, I should warn you that compressed air is hot (it’s physics, babe!) which is apparently enough to kill the rubber hose on an 6 year old Walmart pump. I’ll see if the hose can be replaced. If not, I’m getting a bigger pump.

Second Update: A pair of scissors fixed the rubber hose. I just cut off the few torn inches at the end and reattached everything. Lesson learned: Always think before you go out and buy!

Originally posted 2009-05-23 03:02:25.