Maybe when oil reaches $200 in a few years as predicted by the same Goldman-Sachs analyst that predicted $105 dollar oil by 2009, part of the freeway system, which is now overpopulated by cars and SUVs(*), will be converted into bicycle paths. One can dream, right?

(*) I can’t help but compute (with a certain schadenfreude) that it should cost about $250 to fill up an Excursion or an H2 at that time.

Meanwhile in preparation or perhaps just prove a point take a look at the video below that I found on bicycle commuters.

(I do believe that riding a bicycle on the freeway is illegal – something about slower moving traffic – maybe there should be a law against cars during rush hour?!)

Speaking of rush hour – have you ever tried the car pool line. It’s a total rush going 60 in the outer lane and passing cars in the other lanes. It is also somewhat depressing to realize that there is only one occupant in each of those 2500 pound steel hulls. Perhaps there is a business opportunity here – volunteer to sit on the backseat so that people in a hurry can use the pool lane and get there faster. OTOH I notice that people in a hurry just tend to break the law.

Originally posted 2008-05-12 19:42:43.