Thanks to a clever suggestion from cbm I am trying to establish the demand curve for the “ERE book”.

The ERE book (still no definite title) is likely to be a 6″x9″ paperback (perfect bound like most paperbacks are) and 235 pages long (about 100,000 words and some 10 diagrams). It is a more comprehensive and cohesive version of the blog. A good way to think about it is as a “Theory of Everything” related to extreme early retirement. What you have seen on the blog are bits and pieces. Another way to think of it is as a how to manual for how to manuals. After reading it you should understand how/why financial plans work and use the practical information to make your own. It is what philosophers call sui generis in that it is sufficiently complex to explain other ideas and put them into context.

To establish the demand curve, I have arranged a poll (see below). The point here is to vote for the maximum price you would be willing to pay. Put in the number which is closest to your max. Of course there is a conflict of interest here in that I am trying to establish my supply curve that is maximize some combination of profit and volume (yes, I’ll sacrifice profit if it means wider distribution) and that you’re trying to pay as little as possible. Lets try to be honest though (otherwise this experiment is not going to work). If you go too low, I might just ignore the numbers. If you go too high, it does not work either if you’re not willing to back it up with real money later on. Does that make sense?

What would you maximally pay for the ERE book?

Note that this survey is for the paper version. I am likely to do a kindle version for $9.99 which seems to be the standard price for commercial ebooks. You can get free kindle readers for most platforms.

Originally posted 2010-05-17 12:42:47.