Update: In 2011 eHow decided to buy out their writers. At the time, I had been consistently making $10/month from my articles. The buy out offer was $22 to transfer ownership of the articles I had written. Feeling somewhat insulted, I refused and kept my articles. This shows that not owning your revenue platform is a serious liability. I recommend only writing articles for upfront payment or if monetized through advertising or similar deals that you own the website.

I only wrote a couple of eHow articles in October, but earnings were still up.

Here is the income so far

  • August: $5.55 (only about 10 days)
  • September: $12.10
  • October: $16.88

About $7-8 was from a single day, so reasonable earnings are about $10/month for my current “portfolio”. This is equivalent to buying a high-yield position for about $1200 which is not bad for the effort. Alternatively, if the $10 can be considered secure in the long term, the money stream is worth about $3000 in present dollars.

Originally posted 2009-11-01 05:01:54.