Writing a book so that it reads smoothly for everybody is much like picking a specific weight for a dumbbell so that everybody may use it. When I wrote the ERE book the intended target were my long time readers so I wrote it in the same tone and level as the blog. As the word has spread, others have started picking it up and the audience has broadened. This increases the likelihood of people coming away unsatisfied because the book was either too hard or too easy to read.

The ERE book was intended to read as a textbook and not as an easy fun story. As a result, it makes demands on the readers. Frankly, I can’t really tell what level of demands it makes. Hence this survey. Having gone through school, what level would you expect students to be able to follow the concepts at. In other words, if you were a teacher, at which level would you use the ERE book (as compared to another book, like, say, Your Money Or Your Life) as a text book if there was a class in ERE. Keep in mind that the aim is not to find out ‘how smart you think people should be’ but ‘how smart you think people actually are’.

Having read the book, what would you say the reading level corresponds to?

Results are given on the ERE book page.

Originally posted 2011-07-05 13:52:52.