Still no LP gas. That is, we have the gas in the tank, but I have not turned it on. The propane gas system scares me, so I am delaying fixing it until I can consult the gurus online. I fixed the vent in the bath room so that it now opens and closes by hitting a motor that turns a couple of cog wheels that operate a lever. Electromehanics, very cool stuff. Almost feel like a kid with a mechano-set. In fact this is very similar and I wonder why a new vent can cost $150, when the parts are worth less than $20?! Went back to the house and found the book case gone but the desk still there. We had them listed on craigslist for free with a pick up address. The gray water (shower, sinks) tank is running full and has to be emptied. Failure to empty the tanks correctly is a source of RV jokes. Just imagine a loose fitting and the resulting shit storm when 90 gallons of effluent comes rushing out of the side, fire hose style (there’s apparently a movie with Robbie Williams about that). The RV looks a little more organized inside. The outside mess on the patio still looks like “trailer trash”. We’re hoping that people will be understanding since we just moved. The dog is adapting to his new surroundings.