I fixed the sat system by rewiring the receiver to the TV that was already installed. I am not sure I can reuse the “video center” that was already installed (I’m reminded that this coach is fairly old), so I bypassed that and hotwired the receiver to the TV. Now we can get rid of the bigger TV. It’s sitting on the passenger seat. DW commented that she didn’t know I was such a handyman. DW got a replacement fan for the bathroom vent. I’ll install it tomorrow. Oh, did I tell you that the vent was fixed, not with duct tape, but with electric tape. The dinette is now clear and the floor is clear. It’s going to rain on Friday which means that there is a deadline for removing the crap outside.

Tomorrow we can get rid of a lot of the cardboard since the recycling bins just got emptied. Also I emptied the gray water tank this morning without causing an incident. I feel I’m learning more and more. This might actually work. Still to do: LPG pressure gauge, pilot lights on the stove/oven, the water heater (might be winterized), the furnace in the back and the mysteriously magical fridge. Also the awning. We’re currently on cold water and we cook with a microwave and the slow cooker. It’s doable but restrictive.