Most people have been told
what to think and what to think about,
Most people have been rewarded by focusing on
what they have been told to focus on.
Most people, therefore, are not curious.

Most people are told
what to do and get rewarded accordingly
Most people follow
procedures and tradition.
Most people, therefore, are not creative.

Most people hope
that their dreams will come true
Most people believe in
positive thinking
Most people, therefore, believe in magic, but wishing or praying does not make things true.

Most people look to
others for clues.
Most people prefer
to hide in the crowd.
Most people, therefore, are not independent.

Most people do not
ask questions.
Most people adopt
the opinion of pundits and the advice of experts.
Most people, therefore, do not think for themselves, but rely on others to do it for them.

Originally posted 2008-09-10 00:33:36.