Did anyone notice how I’ve turned into a bad blogger lately? I recently started a forum and it seems to fit in well with the overall development of the ERE site.

Right now, we have

  • A blog that runs on autopilot. Every day a random post older the 2 years is promoted to the front page. I will also occasionally write a new post and put it on the front page. This, I think, serves to draw in new readers and give people a taste of what it’s all about. Actually, from this perspective, the older posts are better since they lay out more of my theory. Back then I was still explaining the ideas behind extreme early retirement. This is good [for me], because I hate repeating myself. Doing small variations on old stuff is my version of writing-hell. I feel that most of the pre-ERE subject is exhausted. I will still write about post-ERE, but this is on an “as I go” basis. Does anyone miss the new blog posts?

    NOTE:If the repromoted posts do not appear in your RSS reader, let me know what software you are using. They do exist in the feed.

  • A forum that runs on autopilot. Indeed, it seems I’ve successfully made myself obsolete. This is where the hardcore hangs out. This turned out to be a greater success than I expected. Anyone can start a topic they think need discussion. Nobody needs to wait for me to catalyze it by writing a blog post first. The forum has 75-80 messages per day.
  • The book(s). We’re currently finalizing the first book. After it comes out, I will try to judge its shortcomings and write another one that covers the missing parts/style/whatever. I have outlines for two likely projects. It may also be that the book bombs completely in which case I may not write a second—it’s too much work to sell less than a few hundred copies.
  • Promotion, which I do entirely too little of. This probably means doing more guest posts and networking more with bloggers other than the usual suspects. Once the book comes out I will also have the basis for further outreach [to other authors].
  • If the book sells well and I write a second book, I will start my own imprint/publishing company. I own all rights to my book, so I can do with it what I want.

Originally posted 2010-08-11 10:47:10.