Frugal for Life recently posted a big list of tips to save money and The Family CEO posted list of 25 things I do to save money, so I figured I would make my own list as well. These suggestions range from rookie to expert.

  1. Get netflix or blockbuster instead of going to the movies. Watch them on your computer instead of buying a TV. Drop cable. If you do want cable ask for the reduced basic. It’s cheaper and more “basic” than basic.
  2. Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. Get CFLs.
  3. Turn the thermostat down. Every degree you turn it down saves 5% on the heating bill.
  4. Buy used or antique furniture, never new. If you take care of it, it can be resold for the same price.
  5. Just get the cheap wine. Few people can tell the difference. Especially if you put it into expensive looking bottles.
  6. Never buy a new car. Buy a classic car, maintain it well, and sell it for what you paid for it. The same goes for classic motorcycles.
  7. Live closer to where you work (or shop) so you don’t need a car.
  8. If you do need a car try hypermiling.
  9. Use the free envelopes that companies keep sending you. Put your own stamp on and cover their address with a label.
  10. Drink water instead of soda, juice or milk. And stay away from the coffee shop and the vending machine.
  11. Eat more vegetables and less meat.
  12. Check out consigment or thrift stores on a weekly basis to get the best deals (i.e. clothes that actually fit). If on a larger budget, buy a smaller conservative wardrobe with pieces that fit together. I like Men’s Wearhouse.
  13. Buy all identical socks.
  14. Next time rent or buy a house with one less bedroom and get a storage unit to store the things you rarely use. Even better. Sell them or give them away.
  15. Get free shampoo, deodorants, toilet paper, etc. from Walgreens, CVS, etc. See here how.
  16. Learn how to cook without recipes and design your meal plans around the loss leaders when shopping for groceries.
  17. Never carry a credit card balance beyond the grace period, duh!
  18. Use linux instead of windows.
  19. Use dryer lint as kindle for fires. Even better – skip the dryer and set up a clothesline.
  20. Reuse gift wrapping paper.
  21. Learn how to do simple things .. you know, like washing your car with a garden hose instead of driving it to the car wash.
  22. Read news online. There is really no need to get a paper news paper. It saves on trees too.
  23. Don’t buy things because you need them now. Buy them if you have needed them daily for the past month. This is a good way to distinguish needs from wants.
  24. Only buy used CDs, DVDs, and books, but check the library first.
  25. Instead of getting the newest edition of a textbook, buy a used book that is a couple of editions old.

Originally posted 2008-02-05 07:37:35.