I have noticed that there are some things which I [can] do without really being aware that it is not normal not to have these advantages—kinda like presuming that everybody knows the multiplication table: Quick after me 5*9, 8*7, 6*9, 5*8, 9*7. When in fact this is not normal.

For instance, I have a high work capacity. Work capacity is, obviously, the capacity to do work and specifically it means that, say, I can do total volume of 100 pull ups fairly fast, or that I can stack a bunch of 50# sand bags or sit in a right angled squatting position for quite a while. Such work capacity translates directly into a higher metabolic burn rate (thanks to afterburn effects and a physically active life) which means I am literally *hot*. In other words, I don’t get cold. 60F is a quite nice temperature for me. It is important to note that it work capacity is a better measure than simply being muscular on the 3×10 protocol in an air conditioned gym. It is a combination of having a large engine and running it; not just having a large engine. Try 1 hour of league hockey and the legs are literally on fire for the next several hours. I mean, you could ice them and it would feel nice.

This also means that BF% is low (under 10%, probably around 8% by visual estimate). In the summer this means I don’t have a lot of fat insulation and the exercise routine, particularly exercising in 90F, means I am good at sweating, which again means that wearing jeans in 85F is not a big deal and I can work outside in 100F without dying. (This does require large amounts of water though!)

My eating regime (warrior diet) means I do not need pick me uppers when I am out. I wont spontaneously need a sugar bar or a sugar drink because I am crashing or tanking. Conversely, like with the multiplication I catch myself being surprised as to why everyone needs to eat every other hour because they are hungry. I mean, didn’t they eat yesterday?! 😛 I also have enough of a mind to remember to either bring water or drink a cup in advance so I am not surprised by thirst (seriously, how hard can this be?). This in turn means that I do not waste money on less than frugal expenses like vending machines, etc.

In conclusion, my physiology is quite aligned with my budget.

It all fits together.

Originally posted 2010-01-07 23:35:25.