Today I went riding on a 20M loop. I passed 10-12 riders heading in the opposite direction. First the was the solo riders in team wear, then a couple of riders wheel sucking following by other couples (husband & wife). These were followed by the hoi polloi, people riding three or four abreast chatting, a bunch of wavering adolescents on cruisers blocking the cars behind them (argh, you give the rest of us a bad name). Finally there was a lone straggler. It must have been a club ride or something. About a third waved back 🙂

It was the plan to pick up DW and go for an out and back ride in the opposite direction to get to 50M. That didn’t work. So we went fishing instead. Tomorrow we’re going fishing again. After that I’m skyping with my parents; followed by hockey. We’ll be leading the play-offs, if we win tomorrow.

Now, I have to figure out a way to put in some more miles on the bike. If I skip weekday hockey, I can add miles after work without overtraining.

This is necessary. There is no way back. I signed up for the 100M in 2 weeks.

Originally posted 2008-04-19 21:13:15.