I have added a link to bicycletutor.com in the right sidebar under useful tools. What I like about this site are the video tutorials, which for me is the most effective way to link how to do anything manual—I can’t put the things together by reading about them.

In addition, the tutorials describe what tools are needed (very important to a tool challenged person like myself—when it comes to tools, I’m the equivalent of asking “how did you know where to find the “save button” in Word?”—AND they provide an easy way of acquiring them via amazon.

I used the instructions for cotterless crank removal and cone and cup bottom bracket overhauls to fix the bottom bracket on my folding bike. Hence, I was finally able to do something more complicated than fixing flats and cleaning my chain. As this was quite empowering, I plan to do all repairs and tune-ups myself in the future.

Originally posted 2009-06-23 13:21:47.