When I started commuting I put in 3800 miles on my bicycle. For those fitness nuts out there that is 171,000 kcal (figure 20mph corresponding to 900 kcal/hour) or the equivalent of 40 pounds of fat or about half a pound a week. How is that for weight loss? (*) No wonder I eat like a horse to stay at a constant weight. Horses eat oatmeal, right?

(*) Yes, you can get in shape, lose fat, and save on gas while not paying a dime all at the same time. Why not try it?

However, those miles are starting to take a toll on the equipment. First it was the pants! Then I noticed that my rear tire was starting to look frazzled. Rear tires tend to wear out three times as fast as front tires. Besides, I have not been keeping my tires fully inflated lately (stupid me). Now my old (very old) self would have considered this an excellent excuse to go and buy some new tires and discard the worn ones. However, this goes against the maximum use philosophy. There is still plenty of life in the front tire and the rear tire still hangs together, so I simply switched them around. At the same time I cleaned the bike and the drive train. It is almost like getting a new bike.

Originally posted 2008-08-28 17:40:16.