A better way of “growing” in a limited world is to increase quality. Make things better fitting, smaller, and more efficient instead of just making them bigger and more powerful. With that in mind, here are the best posts of April 2008.

Stuff budget:

  • Going in: 17(+25) lbs
  • Going out: 18 lbs

The outbound stuff comprises some bicycle stuff I bought (ARGH!), 9 books and 8 DVDs/CDs that I swapped (shipping only), and 4 books I bartered for a 25lbs bicycle. Yes, you read that right! πŸ™‚ Still, the budget is negative although I am clearing some shelf space in the process which is great! DWs stuff budget was very positive. She gave a bunch of things (yarn, baseball cards, books, …) up for freecycling, yay! This also means that I can seriously begin claim one of our excess bedrooms as an office, that is, a tax deductible business expense (I got my business license for my freelance job back from the city). Incidentally, freelance earnings for March covered all living expenses for the second time.