Please rank accordingly, like, type 5,6,2,3,4,1 in the comments or something like that. That way I can run some statistics.

  1. Specific how to – articles, like fixing my bicycle, recipes, etc.
  2. General how to – articles that specifies different ways of doing things like owning less stuff.
  3. Motivational rants, e.g. “This is how great your life could be”, “It’s not that hard to change”, .etc.
  4. Demotivational rants, e.g. “This is how much consumer life sucks, you just didn’t realize it”.
  5. Anecdotes, like … when I was your age, I lived in a box and ate rocks, …
  6. Personal stuff, like what I ate for breakfast and what else I do in my life.
  7. Models, philosophy, and strategy, that is, big picture posts, typically quite academic in nature. I notice that these do not get very many comments.
  8. Me interviewing other people.
  9. Other people interviewing me, like this.

In terms of advertising, I would also like to know how many of you are really interested in advertising links to debt relief, payday loans, credit cards, etc. or posts about paying off debt, etc. My guess is close to 0%?

On a side note, if anyone is doing the 30 day makeover (or similar) and writes well, I would love to feature you regularly on ERE in posts about your progress. Perhaps every 3-6 weeks or so, whenever anything significant happens. I think this would helpful to a lot of people. If you can “commit”, then write to jacob shift-2 earlyretirementextreme full-stop com.

Originally posted 2009-07-02 12:39:14.