I suck a writing good titles (I also suck at good punch lines when writing conclusions). One of the things I have struggled with is a good title for the book. It must have changed about 15 times so far.

I have taken two approaches.

The first approach involves using Early Retirement Extreme as the main part of the title. The advantage is that I already got the website and that ERE essentially has a minor status as a brand. I don’t like the name as much though since I find it constrictive in terms of what both the book and the blog is about. Hence, I prefer, at least, to expand upon it with a sub title.

The second approach involves making up something completely new.

Short titles are handy. On the other hand, I am a sucker for Victorian titles that read like a whole paragraph.

The main goal of finding the ideal title is not so much to make me happy but to attract new readers. Early Retirement Extreme works great in that regard being so very SEOish. On the other hand, the title should not approach snake-oil levels with fantastic promises, etc.

Having figured out how to make surveys, I ask you

What would be a great title for the book?

Pick your favorite based on what would make you most likely to click on it/pick it up at a store. I will use the answers to gravitate towards the final title.

The leader is “Early Retirement Extreme – A philosophical and practical guide to financial independence” with 33% of the votes. The followers are the first three with roughly 18%, 16%, and 14% respectively. The rest are far behind. As you know I have never explicitly given a 5 year plan or told anyone what to do (at least that’s the image I have of myself). The closest thing is the 21 day challenge. I am therefore quite reluctant to include something like “How you can retire in 5 years”. I figure this pertinent info can go on the back cover in “about the author” as one example of how to do it. While FI is prioritized, I do discuss options for those who want to work intermittently instead e.g. Charles Long and Tim Ferriss.
“Doing better with less” does describe part of the book, but I think this title is awfully generic. At best it sounds like yet another simple living book. At worst, the individual works have zero SEO meaning (less is probably the top one). “Early Retirement Extreme” ranks high on SEO and emotional impact. At least it did so 2 years ago 🙂 . However, as I have previously griped about the “retirement” word is not really fitting in the traditional sense of golf clubs and taking one’s medicine on a regular basis.
Considering it more, though, I gravitate to using the Early Retirement Extreme with some form of subtitle … or perhaps no sub title.

Progress report: I’m still working on the editing (pretty much from 10am to 2am). When done I’ll send it out to the next person (who’s in for a surprise, ha!) while I start to work on the cover design (ugh!).