I just got informed that I am a

Plutus Awards 2009 Finalist

Apparently, the winner, will be elected democratically on Wednesday. Uh oh, “democratically”. It is a word which frightens me almost as much as the word “popular”—mostly because they are pretty much identical and I was never the most popular kid on the blog, excuse me, block.

Back in the days when I was the instructor in Quantum Mechanics (not the most popular course either), I would frequently use the method of democracy to arrive at the solution when the class was stumped on a problem: Who votes for the Born Approximation? Now, who votes for the Optical theorem. People would reluctantly put up their hands. If they got it right, I would announce another great success for democracy. If not, I would announce that democracy just failed. Regardless, it was always funny, because of course you don’t determine the best solution method by voting. I guess I am a bit elitist in the sense that I believe that the best solution is best chosen by people who are informed rather than the public at large. Voting is more likely to result in the most popular or if modern political elections are any indicator: the most heavily advertised. Anyhow, I digress…

I am in the category of Best Personal Finance Blog for Entrepreneurs. Do I really cover entrepreneurial stuff?(*) I guess if building financial independence in the sense of making a company of one person, which is financially independent, is entrepreneurial, or if entrepreneurial means leading the way and building something new rather than just following along on autopilot, I could see how that works. Also, someone who is financially independent would be able to start new organizations without being held back by the need to put food on the table and roofs over their heads.

Regardless, I was a bit surprised to see ERE assigned to that category and not the Retirement category. I’m just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰ . My esteemed opponents are Brazen Careerist, Erica.Biz, Get Rich Slowly, and I Will Teach You to Be Rich. I do believe that each blog advocate very different strategies in personal finance as well as in life with little overlap, but perhaps there is overlap between the readers. What do you think?

Anyhow, it’s kinda cool to be included and it is fun to see ERE included next to so many famous blogs. So if you believe in democracy, go vote on Wednesday on Wednesday by clicking on the link.

In other news:Much thanks to the six people who have taken the time to write some great reviews about ERE on alexa. Go check them out and feel free to contribute your own if you want to. I think they will be helpful when it comes to writing the proposal for my book.

Originally posted 2010-02-22 23:47:16.