Heavily inspired by the Molson beer commercials several years back.

I’m not a trust fund baby
Or a dot com millionaire
And I didn’t get famous on TV
Or win the lottery
Or a game show
And I don’t earn a six figure income
Although I’m sure that would be really really nice
I live within my means, not beyond them
I have a diversified portfolio, not a mortgage
So people pay me interest, not the other way around
I work hard, but I no longer need to work for a paycheck
I believe in savings, not in buying stuff I can’t afford
Cash not credit
And that frugality is not deprivation but a worthy goal
A penny saved is a penny earned!
And it is buy and hold, not buy and sell, hold!
Savings are the first requirement to invest!
The primary source of compound interest!
And the most direct path to early retirement!
My name is <insert your name>, and I am financially independent!

Originally posted 2008-01-03 07:33:51.