I saw this clever invention browsing through a marine chandler. It is a set of cookware where the lids double as strainers and the handles detach so the pots store inside each other. It also comes with extra plastic lids, which makes it possible to use the pots as storage containers. They also sell a pressure cooker which with a small attachment can double as a still.

Incidentally, I am not getting paid to mention this and I have not used it myself, but it sounds clever enough to share the info.

I like the multifunctionality; particularly that the pots can double as containers for leftovers. It is very appealing to a lazy guy. It also creates more utility than the minimalist solution despite not having more things to deal with. The problem I see with this is that the lids are plastic which usually only last about 10 years of use of so. Who knows if they will still be available in 2020?

That they store inside each other is useful for small kitchens and also suitcase living. Here I have previously used a pressure cooker and some cheap plastic storage containers such as those that come for free with lunch meat.

I am fairly confident that pressure cooker supplies, like gaskets and valves, will be available in 2020. I bought mine ten years ago and replaced one of the valves last year. They still sell exactly the same version. Storage containers are easy to replace.

For pans we use cast iron, which should last a lifetime; and then another one, literally. Our solution is heavy and so not so convenient for storage and transportation—going camping with one of the pans would be a drag although it would work well as a club to bring down medium sized game, eh? However, it wins on durability as it does not contain the flaky nonstick coating that lasts less than a decade. Yeah, easy to clean (as easy as a well seasoned cast iron pan), but if I have to ditch a pan because the coating comes off it is not a good deal.

In summary: There are different solutions depending on your aims: durability, portability, flexibility, … I try to avoid plastic, especially proprietary plastic. I always avoid coatings and stick to steel, iron, or some other metal.

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