This is probably a long shot, but I’m lookingno longer looking for

  • A book cover designer, who can deliver a pdf file to spec (size and resolution).

who is also a

  • Long time reader/knows what this blog is about.

I will probably be able to do it myself eventually, but I suspect it will be better to outsource this particular task. I am willing to pay $(*). The reason/requirement for long time reader is that such one would probably have a good idea of what the blog/book is about and I wouldn’t have to try to summarize what I want in a short paragraph.

If you think you’re it, shoot me a mail (jacob @ ea…. go figure 🙂 ).

Recommendations are ok too.

(*) To put things in perspective. I probably spent over 2000 hours writing the book (but let’s just say 2000 hours for arguments sake) and I will be pleased if I make $2000 in royalties. Obviously this is not a project that can reasonably pay $500 for the cover. Think of it not exactly as non-profit but at least as low-profit. It is very different from a “big five” book with a $30,000 budget. It may be that this means that it is priced out of the designer market. However, note that the book is focused already. It does not need to capture someone’s eye. It does not need to stand out. It just needs to look decent.