Forum post: “I just read an article about a guy that has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in his house. Apparently he makes $40,000 a year, but then he has to go to a big office and spend 8 or 9 hours a day filling out forms and going to meetings all week long. He does that all year around. Apparently, he’s been doing it for 20 years or so. I admit it sounds a bit crazy, but it also seems intriguing.”

I’m not sure I could do it. It’s like .. I mean, it’s 8 hours a day! How long do you have to do this for?

I think he said twenty years. So when he’s done can he go back to his family?

By Jove, that’s like a prison sentence.

I don’t see how it is possible to do that and work in his own shop as well. How does he have time to take care of his home. What about friends?

Apparently his entire social network is at work and he no longer has a shop. Also he pays someone else to take care of his home for him. I think he even pays to have people raise his kids.

Any normal person wouldn’t do this!

I think working that much is a bit extreme. Also, I have kids, so can’t really leave them for that long. This would probably be fine for a someone without children.

Work that much? Sure, if you’re a galley slave. Or in prison.

Has anyone considered what would happen if he lost his job. Doesn’t he know the importance of diversification? He only has one income and he seems to have to buy everything he needs.

Seriously, why have children if you’re just gonna leave them with strangers all day.

What are you going to do with all that space?!?! We’re a family of two adults and two children living in 500 sqft and like everyone else, we’re doing great. 5 bedrooms? What are you going to use them for, storage?

What I’d like to know is how in Hades can you spend that much money?!

How does he have time for crafts? What about friends? What does his neighbors say to this?

I’m confused. Does he have three houses or one?

Yeah, that guy is crazy. Apparently filled up his house with old clothes, furniture, stuff he never uses. It’s some kind of disorder.

I don’t know. From the article he looks like he’s a pretty smart guy. I just know I couldn’t live like that.

It says he spent 15 years in school.

15 years?! Is he a doctor?

So what is it that he does all day? I have started my own print shop. Three years ago. I sell enough posters and books to pay the baker and the farmer already. I’m not quite sure I understand what that guy is getting out of it. I understand he must have tons of money since it’s impossible to spend that much, but he doesn’t have any business to speak off.

No, he just sits in an office filing out receipts and billing and stuff.

You don’t need to go to school for 15 years to learn that unless you’re stupid or something. Maybe he’s a slow learner, but still, 15 years?!

My daughter is 13 and I taught her to fill out our tax returns. It certainly didn’t take 15 years to teach her that. More like 15 hours.

Well, the main problem I think is that he does not have any kind of shop at home, so he has to go to that office to be able to feed himself.

Yup, he lost his assets. He has no investments. The only land he controls is what is under his house. And nothing grows in his garden. At least nothing edible.

Okay, that’s pretty sad.

Haha! What a loser.

LOL I suppose the next thing he’ll do is to take up another job so he can work 80 hours a week. What does his wife say to him about never being home?

I bet 50/50 he’s gonna get divorced.

I heard somewhere that he rents the house.

What is rent????

Three bath rooms? I guess that’s fun if you like cleaning toilets.