The article, The Coming Fury of an Angry America (via @mymoneyshrugged), explains the predicament of the middle class very well. This further strengthens my resolve not to join the middle class. In my opinion, the middle class has as its fundamental core problem the issue of willingly becoming a single cog in a machine it does not control, being heavily indebted from student loans (to become the cogs), car loans (to get to work and to feed oneself, and also to get laid, at least if you live in L.A.), and mortgages and credit cards (because what else could one possible spend one’s life on if not increasingly larger houses with increasingly more junk in them?!) and being farmed in the labor/consumer cycle.

Today thousands of voices will tell you to do just that and millions will listen. As a result we will get exactly what the majority deserves. This is perhaps a bit sad for the rest of us

Originally posted 2010-02-02 10:41:10.