You, sir, are a tool. You are a tiny part in a big machine and you must do your part lest the machine fail. You are cog in a long chain of cogs that turn the wheels. A cog turns you and in turn you turn another cog like a well oiled machine.

You are a tool. You must be professional and not give any thought to anything else but doing your job. This is your life. Yours is not to reason why. Thinking is discouraged as it would distract you from your purpose of doing your part. Stick to your training and do what is expected and your career will proceed smoothly and you will be rewarded with the distractions that the machine produces to indirectly allow its own propagation through you. Quality distractions will keep you from thinking but not detract from your performance in serving the machine.

Living according to specification is what keeps the machine working. Imagine that a piston in a machine did not fit into the cylinder; imagine that a push rod did not want to push. If this happened too often, the machine would not function well and it might even stop working. Just imagine if you had a tool, like a blender, and it decided that it did not want to blend. This would be unacceptable and you would replace it. Tools must be dependable!

But do not worry, scientists and engineers are working hard to develop tools to replace you with more dependable versions even as managers and politicians are working hard to replace you with other cheaper and more desperate people.

As a cog, you must fit in and be a part of the machine to be useful. Voluntarily being alone and desiring solitude is a horrifying thought to a tool. How can it exist without depending on others and in turn being depended on? How can it be trusted to do its part if it commits to thinking on its own or acting deliberately? This is why individualism is discouraged. No, you must be social and the best way to be social is to seek out and consume the same distractions: fashionable clothing, TV shows, home renovations, … and support the machine in the same way, going to college, investing in funds, paying the bills, and pursuing a career as a professional.

Remember: Yours is not to reason why. Yours is to do your job and be successful, in the same way as everyone else.

The machine can only exist if you do your part.

This concludes today’s motivational speech!

Originally posted 2009-12-10 13:53:07.