You can find a similar list for 2008 here. To see the best of 2007 which is really only December, just look through that month. There are some good ones in there too. As usual when it comes to these lists, “best” is what many now call “awesome” and it serves more as a roundup than as a statement of value.

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Let me know which topics you would like to see in the future
Day 14: Investing for early retirement – Part 1
What is freedom?
A tribute to my pressure cooker
Productivity and the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs
Day 15: The first two weeks of the make over
My HDHP HSA and some comments on health care
Day 16: The stuff you actually keep and use
The consequence of finite energy
Changing habits or changing the habits
The best way to switch to a raw food diet
Stock returns in the long run
Tough to answer: What do you do for a living?
Early retirement extreme retirement plan
Children and early retirement

Food and water supply
Symptoms and diseases
Personal finance development
Guest post: DW on how it is to live with me
The follow up
Why work?
The evolution of the meaning of money
Put some clothes on, damnit!

Simple personality types and their behavior
What’s the point of education?
Build a worm composting system
What’s the most economically inefficient gadget you own?
I retired from my career
Breaking up with your career …
What’s the difference between a frog and a modern human?
The virtue of discomfort
Quotes relevant to specialization

Pareto barriers
And so it begins …
On the universally declining standards of living
Speeding and transportation
My dream
Random musings on biotic potentials and interest rates
What did you want to do when you grew up
Tolerance ranges and cold showers
One week into “retirement”
The future of extreme early retirement
Day 17: Maintaining and repairing things
Day 18: Join a challenge
Ecological housing – consider an RV
Interview with Modern Gal
Today’s anti-consumer rant
Consumerism II
A different perspective
Three weeks after quitting my job
The paradox of thrift
A duty to work
25 things you (probably) didn’t know about me
Does money only exist to be spent?

Price and value
What’s your financial independence target year?
How to change and how to fail at changing
How to deal with heat
My top 5 tips to becoming an extreme early retirement expert
Incomplete list of hobbies that could earn money
Which blogs do you read?
The three things I did right (and so can you)
Four requirements for change
The minimal number of tools
Unrecognized personality disorders
The wealthy shall inherit the Earth
Slaying the “I might need it someday”-monster
What makes me feel rich
Attaining the right weight
When form follows function

My 4 hour work week
My list of financial freedom books
Does early retirement require a specific personality?
Things I would like to learn versus Things I could teach
The index vs mutual funds debate
I just started an exercise program – what should I expect?
How to spend very little money
The Tao of The Intellect
Twitter interview #1
Day 19: Getting rid of your TV (addiction)
The feeling of time
Teaching and talking
Twitter interview#2
How to understand distribution
When does an emergency fund become superfluous
Day 20: Own classics
Being frugal beyond your means

Dealing with heatwaves
Myths and the future
Why Black Swans are on the increase
Quick Survey (How many readers are currently pursuing early retirement?)
Alternative histories
Some comments on martial arts
The salary of a blogger: What you should be paid
Alternative status symbols
Two different roads to comfort
RV vs. apartment
Top 5 ways to be more creative at work
My dreams of becoming a “slumlord”
Comfort or liberty
Somebody explain travel to me?

Survey: Which content is most important to you?

Instructionals vs figuring things out for yourself
eHow as a way to retire extremely early?
Now fixing bikes for a shelter
How to remove rust using things from your garage only
Can I retire on X dollars?
Important papers and numbers, just in case
How to succeed in school without really learning anything
Running as transportation
Can I retire early with superior investment technique?
Can I retire young?
Quick survey: Would you work a pointless job?
Things vs. experiences
How to decide whether to unsubscribe from a blog
The extrapolation fallacy
When a field gets engineered…
Highlander and the lattice work of mental models
Extreme Early Retirement vs. Friends and Relatives
Survival Preparedness

A startup curriculum for finance, economics, and investing
Upcycling: Turning waste into goods
Early Retirement: 4 months later
Exercises in missing the point
Will we be repairing our iPods a hundred years from now?

Back to reality
Becoming less productive and less competitive
Has the relationship dynamics changed since my early retirement?
A typical day no more
Salaried creative jobs are inefficient
Increasing your max to avoid the limit
Past performance is no guarantee of future results
Traveling by sail
Clothesline efficiency
Measuring prosperity by less activity, not more
The value of work
eHow, SEO writing, and passive income

The Mini-minimum wardrobe
The world is like a box of Lego
The happiest people on Earth
Blog Action Day: Climate Change
The implications of financial freedom
Real skills and character
Is the ERE method robust?
What does being (early) retired mean?
Breakfast for champions
Swine flu and systemic responses
Tattooing your net worth on your forehead
Understanding early retirement in terms of comparative advantage and trade deficits

Quotes relevant to progress
A frugal dating site
What’s great about being financially independent and early retired?
How is saving for extreme early retirement like learning to swim?
Value infection
When To Retire? – Try Age 35
Post-materialism and post-productivity
My Early Retirement Story
On Experts and Pseudo-Experts
My Journey
My Early Retirement Plan
Do I have to live in an RV to retire extremely early?
Extreme Early Retirement vs Delayed Retirement
Retiring abroad
The Key to Entrepreneurial Freedom
Retiring early on $500,000
Escaping the “9 to 5?before 25
Who is extreme?
Waking up from Big House Dreams: our crooked path towards early retirement
Buying out DW in 2013.5
Ambition — is it all about the money?
Bloggers should communicate their personal opinions
Efficient markets have zero returns

Democracy, Hollingworth, and the ingenuity gap
Travel, tourism, and living abroad
Having my cake and eating it too
Backlinks to
Cassandra’s curse
Hands-on substitute exercise for cable TV
Top 5 reasons to not live in a little house
The climate politics debate that we should be having
The climate science debate
Travel is not worth it
Is it not strange that …
The credit crisis and the great recession
Be the change — the world you deserve
Day 21: Investing for early retirement – Part 2
Early Retirement Extreme is 2 years old
Wealthy, rich, poor, and broke
Disease, death, and organ failure

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